Evaluation Of Journalist

The journalist I decided to follow was Tristan Johnson. Tristen Johnson is a  journalist. She graduated from Western Illinois University  with her bachelors in journalism and she graduated from Southern Illinois Carbondale with her Masters. She is currently in a doctoral program and teaching higher education at Illinois State University. Lastly, she is apart of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.

Johnson’s blog is titled Adjust Yo’ Crown; her blog entails many aspects of life primarily in the African-American community. She tells stories about herself and things that are relevant in the community. like stated on her blog  “Adjust Yo’ Crown is a space to be real and open about various aspects of life and what is happening in the world. It is a space where Blackness is celebrated and unfiltered.”(adjustyocrown.com).

Looking at Johnsons work is amazing. She is so passionate about what she writes about. You can tell from her writing that she takes her time to evaluate situations. She has a blog about Greek letter Devine Nine sororities where she not only addressed her own sorority(Zeta Phi Beta) but others such as Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta and Sigma Gamma Rho. The reason this piece was eye-catching was because she was not bias.  Not being bias is one flaw in the journalism field. The fact that she wasn’t bias towards her own organization was very intriguing.

Other blogs she wrote evolved the empowerment of black people.  She wrote articles about Chris Brown being criminalized to even writing about the black panther movie. The black panther movie is the first marvel movie with a predominantly black cast. It touched home for many people even Tristen Johnson. Another thing about her blog is that she includes guest writers. She allows other journalist who want to share their pieces to post on her blog.

Looking at the critique aspect the blog is well written she sights all sources, pictures, and videos used in her blogs/articles. she is very clear in her work and its easily understandable.  Another thing is that the placement of her media is good. She doesn’t clutter one spot with pictures. Johnson spreads her media pieces out through out the article and cites them if they aren’t hers.

One thing that may be a problem for some is the fact that her article and blogs primarily discuss things in the African-American community. Some in general may believe her blog is biased towards the black community. However, from reading it and going through the different blogs about her self and articles about others you can see she is trying to uplift people and inspire others.

Lastly, The reason I followed her as a journalist is because her writing was inspirational and she discuss similar things as me. She posted a blog about mental health the was really inspiring mainly due to the fact that my blog touches on that too.

You can look at her work here. 


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